SkyRise Capital - Is an India-focused Stock Markets Research firm. The exhaustive data created by the core team comprises sector-specific research on IT, Manufacturing, FMCG, Education, Healthcare and more. A consistent returns aimed at maximizing investor's wealth is the firm's primary objective.

SkyRise takes the leap by meticulous research identifying highly prospective Micro/small/mid-cap companies having consistent growth. There is a need for stricter due diligence required to discover hidden star companies. It is crucial to acquire deep awareness about the financial and operational aspect of such companies. Sometimes the stocks of micro/small/mid cap companies can deliver multi bagger returns leading to serious wealth creation." The main aim of SkyRise is to make long term investments ranging from 3-5 years that allow the stock prices of the companies to unleash their true potential.

Our vision is to invest on start-ups that look viable and scalable. Venture into unlisted space with deeper penetration and look for start-ups having impeccable promoter quality.

EquiCareers- Train With Us

Reach out academic institutes to promote equity culture among students.

Demonstrate live market sessions to students to instil "value of money."

Showcase equity as an upcoming career option for the graduating students.

SkyRise Mutual Fund Services

SMFS consists of a team of Chartered accountants and professionals from various domains who carry out a detailed analysis of the mutual funds available in the market.

Our main focus is to understand the various aspects like

  • Duration of investment
  • Age of the client
  • Risk taking ability

and other concerning issues of the client . We provide best suitable fund for our clients to generate healthy returns for long term wealth creation.

Moreover, our aim is to educate the clients about the benefits of Mutual Funds as an alternative form of investment. Make them understand how the mutual funds operate and how to choose the right funds for their individual needs.

We have a 12 hour helpline number for the all the people who wish to discuss their investment decisions with us and take a step forward towards wealth creation.