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Not to have control over your finances is like sailing in a rudderless ship. A rudder controls and gives direction to the ship, similarly investments with goal gives direction to your financial well-being.

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What is mutual fund?

Mutual funds are financial instruments which invest in a portfolio of securities. These securities may be stocks, bonds, money market instruments, gold, silver and real estate investment trusts (REITs) etc. You can buy units of mutual funds; each unit represents a certain percentage of the mutual fund scheme portfolio. Mutual funds are managed by professional...

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Are you still doing a Regular SIP. What about a Step up SIP to reach your goals faster

Step up the SIP annually

As your income increases annually you should increase your SIPs too. This not only helps you create a bigger corpus, it also helps you reach your goals earlier.

Difference is huge

Your SIP corpus can be 36% more in 20 years period. Example - 10% SIP Top up on Rs 10,000 monthly SIP in NIFTY 50 for 20 years period

Reach goals faster

Yes, through Top up SIP you can reach your goals earlier. Example - to reach a goal of Rs 1 Crore it takes 17 year through 10% SIP top up while it takes 20 years through regular SIP (assuming 12% return)

SIP of Rs 10,000 in NIFTY 50 Index with annual top up of 10%

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